our TEAM

Some of us have 25 years in advertising. Some of us only one. Most of us, 8.

What connects us is our passion for this field. We could not work anywhere else, because we love clients, brands and consumers.

And we want to offer them the best there is. This is how we fill fulfilled – by making an impact in the world.

Get to KNOW US

Our team


Ioana Mucenic

Ioana has been an entrepreneur since she was 22. She is passionate about innovation and business strategy. In the last 13 years, she created and implemented thousands of advertising campaigns, from concept to execution, both in Romania and at regional level. She is demanding, yet fair.

Head of Creatives

Paul Cotor

Paul is a Da Vinci of modern design. He has complex skills, including 2D design, vector design, 3D, video, programming, digital design and a great architectural approach. With more than 15 years in the industry, he is also a fine observer of consumer insights. The combination of business know-how, design skills and incredible good heart is what makes Paul the dearest member of our team.

Head of Strategy

Cristiana Pană

Cristiana is one of that rare persons who combines all the best in advertising: creative perspective, sharp strategic mind and excellent client service skills. We decided to name her Head of Strategy, due to her hunger for new learning, her curiosity for complex technology and her ability to grasp insights and trends.

Head of Operations

Ana Velea

Ana is a believer of operational excellence in a creative environment. With a decade of work in advertising agencies, she understands operations, procurement and sales like no other in our team. She coordinates all the vital operations of a business, from P&L management to supplier contracts.


Marius Cioroabă

He juggles with words like no other. Marius is not just a copywriter, he is that copywriter. The one who finds that brilliant idea to create an unique piece of text to put your company in strong connection with your clients. All the accounts that worked with him have the same key phrase: ”He is my favorite copywriter”.

Digital Account Manager

Elena Stanciu

Elena manages to join blogging, account management and PR. She is a a digital projects and online marketing specialist, plus an enthusiast lifestyle and fashion blogger. During weekends you might meet her touring the country on her motorcycle.

Account Manager

Andreea Bungă

If somebody is able to organize the perfect event, Andreea is the one. She has a creative solution for every brief and perfectly combines art and analytics. With an experience of more than 6 years in events coordination, she continues to develop her skills in advertising.

Video Designer

Florin Dobre

Life in motion should be Florin’s own headline, because he loves moving pictures. He knows how to perfectly set a shooting scene and then edit the images to get an amazing video for your brand. He is an expert in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, but also in Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

Senior Art Director

Mihai Bălan

Mihai is by far the most experienced member of our team. He has a remarkable over 25 years expertise in print & DTP. He actually used to own and run a print house. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop are just as simple as a breathing for him.

CSR Account Manager

Dana Stoica

Dana is that golden mean between business and NGO. With an experience in media and NGO, she was always attracted by the Advertising field. Dana is an adept of healthy living, so don’t get amazed if you see her cycling between her daily activities.

Senior DTP

Marius-Florian Ionescu-Amza

We call him Max and he is our Digital Vader whereas he is one of the biggest Star Wars fans in Romania. He joined the Star Wars club 10 years ago. His 16 years experience in work field makes him perfectly understand the brief and do his best.