Hello! I am Ana, nice meeting you! I am that person that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. I plan and execute.

Ana Velea

Head of Operations

Ana’s professional background is a perfect fit for our agency. She used to be an account manager in an advertising agency specialized in production.  She used to work day-by-day with clients, getting to know their needs and expectations. But her action-oriented personality urged her to manage more than a client account. She wanted to manage the operations of an entire company, so all her next jobs were at corporate level.

In Minio, she is Head of Operations. From this position, she coordinates all the financial and administrative components of a business. She manages the key job of procurement, she ensures agency’s ability to perform profitability and she creates a smooth process of accounts working with third-party companies (freelancers, consultants, artists, producers)…and the governmental authorities.

She has a degree in Tourism and Commercial Management and she is an accredited Human Resources Inspector.

Ability to organize








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