Hello, I’m Cosmin! Nice to meet you! I like creativity and business and I know how to combine them to take things to the next level. Let’s do a campaign together! Brief me!

Cosmin Slăbescu

Account Manager

Cosmin studied Marketing and Communication and he needed a lot of communication skills for his first job, sales consultant. And he did it well since he worked in this position for 7 years.

He has a relevant experience in advertising with almost three years spent in Geometry Global and Publicis agencies as an account and project manager.

Cosmin has a FoxPro specialization in informatics and is a real pleasure to inform himself continuously about the new trends in digital.  And speaking about digital, he is a big fan of games like FIFA and League of Legends.

Some clients he worked for: P&G, JTI, Ferrero Rocher, Mandy Foods, Europa FM

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