Whoof, whoof! My name is Dodo and I admit I don’t know much about advertising. But I can recommend you a brilliant agency. If you need one, meet me in the park.


Creative Dog

We had never seen an employer with so much enthusiasm like Dodo. It always comes to work full of joy and ready to make everybody happy, especially its masters, Ioana and Paul.

Actually, Paul is in his best creative frame of mind when he holds his fluffy friend on his knees.

Dodo is in advertising industry since forever as Ioana and Paul took it at the office from its early months of life. So it has a great experience.

It likes to listen to music and wacth movies. Its favourite song is “Who let the dogs out”, by Baha Men and its favourite movies are 101 Dalmations and Beethoven.

Brief sniff ability






Barking skills


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