Hello, I’m Marius. Nice meeting you!  As you read this, you probably think about what I can do for you. I can talk with your clients while you are developing your business. Brief me!

Marius Cioroabă


Marius is the most eloquent example of adaptability. He acts like he worked in advertising for a lifetime, but the truth is he’s quite new in the industry. He is a former sports journalist with over 10 years of experience in written press, radio and television. He was a text editor, reporter, tv show producer and radio and tv commentator. If you are a football fan, you certanly heard him when watching Romania National Football Team matches at Antena 1.

In January 2015, he made his debut in advertising and had an outstanding year as a copywriter in an advertising agency, where he left from in January 2016 to be a part of Minio team.

Marius has a journalism degree at the Bucharest University (Journalism and Communication Sciences Faculty).

Some of the clients he wrote for:

Durex, Scholl, Veet, Nivea, Dacia Renault Group, Podravka, Kaspersky Lab, Bergenbier, Kika, Royal Canin.



Writing styles adaptability


Client’s needs comprehension


Positive energy


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