Hello, my name is Marius! My job is to spread the news and I can make your campaign visible at any time. I’m just waiting for your brief.

Marius Marin

PR Manager

Marius studied Communication and PR at SNSPA and he has a Master degree in Social Media & Online Marketing. He is actually one of the first specialists in the country with this type of diploma.

He also has a licence in Journalism, where he finished first in the class. When he was a student, Marius founded the online newspaper Hyperflash with other students and he was the first editor-in-chief of the publication.

Marius published two essays: „Media Culture in the Multiculturalist World” and „The young journalist at the start of his career and his eager to perform”.

Another big achievement for him is that he established the first press office for a private university in Romania, in 2013 at Hyperion. He is still the head of it even today.

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