Hello, I’m Mihai and I would like to share all my expertise with you in order to stun the world with brilliant campaigns. Just ask me for some cleverness.

Mihai Bălan

Senior Art Director

Believe it or not, he used to have his own printing house. Running it gave Mihai an astonishing experience regarding time management, workflow and communication with various clients.

Speaking about his print house, he frequently shares funny stories about his work there. Mihai used to control every machine involved in the printing process.

Every aspect of his life is very intense. He put the same passion both in a simple joke or an important project he worked for.

Some clients he worked for:

Nivea, Omega Pharma, Durex, Colgate Palmolive, Mondelez, Sandoz, Kaspersky Lab, Kika.

Print & DTP


Time management




Common sense


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