Brand Campaign

Project Name

Rose Far Niente Equity & Promo Campaign

Business Objective vs. Challenge

We have developed an in-store equity  campaign with promo component for Rose Far Niente,  a premium brand in Vincon Romania portfolio that was launched back in 2015, but never had a communication to connect with consumers. The campaign had a strong focus on in-store & HORECA execution designed to increase visibility of the brand, increase trial and boost sales.

Creative Concept

Live the Rose Far Niente Moments!

 We started from the idea that good moments of relaxation can happen wherever you are, as long as you have a glass of Rose far Niente.

The key element of the concept points to multiplying consumer opportunities, depending on the needs of consumers.

Rose Far Niente meets consumer needs, positioning itself as a drink that can solve any desire for relaxation.


In order to create a personalized experience & create a deeper connection with the brand, we prepared a promo pack in partnership with Publica Publishing House, placing a dedicated book for each type of moment of relaxation ( at the seaside, with your loved one, at the pool etc.)

We have also created an attractive POPM kit, in order to grab consumers’ attention, encouraging them to interact with the materials and discover all moments of relaxation they can enjoy with our product.


The campaign was well-received by shoppers.

Our services

Strategy, Brand Positioning, Creative, Design, DTP, Production & Logistics Management

30 May 2017