Promotional Campaign

Project Name

Jacobs – Traieste Intense

Business Objective vs. Challenge

The campaign developed around Mixes portfolio, a range of products dedicated to young adults (18-24). Our objective is to capture their attention in-store and invite them to try our 3in1 Mixes, in a category with little differentiation among products.

Creative Concept

Inspired by the key SKU, we have developed the concept of “Traieste Intense”, inviting consumers to be bolder and to enjoy more experiences. The product visual was modified, in order to suggest a winter top experience.


The campaign included a digital component and a shopper one.

In-store, we created multiple materials, in order to get shoppers attention.

Also, we created a special execution, implemented in multiple top key-account, including a photo-cabin that needed no promoter. Shoppers could print their photos from Instragram, their Phone or take a selfie.


There were constant ques around the special execution. Both retailers and shoppers enjoyed it. Also, the KPIs for sell-out was achieved.

Our services

Strategy, Creative Concept, Design, Shopper Campaign, In-field Implementation, Logistics Campaign

30 May 2017