Sandvis FEST Integrated Campaign

Project Name

Hochland Sandvisfest Integrated Campaign

Business Objective vs. Challenge

Our mission was to create excitement around the classical sandwich, in a promotional campaign that would bring together a large part of Hochland product portfolio.  While the focus was in-store, the campaign was developed to be 360, engaging consumers and inviting them to have a new perspective over Hochland products.

Creative Concept

Sandvisfest was our way of inviting consumers and shoppers to rediscover the sandwich in a new and exciting way.


In-store, we had an extensive tour of 60 stores (modern trade). In each, we included live cooking with chefs, preparing 5 recipes created especially for Hochland. Each was inspired by a different country and its sandwich tradition. Also, we have designed a large range of POPM materials.

Online, the consumers joined our digital platform, where they could register their fiscal receipt, but also enjoy our fun gif-format recipes.

Unconventional media formats included, among other, getting consumers attention in fun & unexpected ways.

Radio collaboration with Europa Fm was also a successful component of the overall campaign

We have created the script & design of the TV Ad, created using animation.

Further one, we handled the social media communication during the entire campaign.


The campaign was a success and, as a recognition, it was also also a nominee in Gala Premiilor Piata, in the category Best In-store Project.

Our services

Strategy, Creative Concept, Design, Website Development, Digital Media, TV Spot, Shopper Campaign, Social Media, Logistics Management, 360 management of the campaign.

30 May 2017