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3 Silver awards at the Romanian PR Award 2021

Minio Studio, strategic communication agency, won 3 Silver awards at the Romanian PR Award 2021 for two of its nominated campaigns.

These are the #SkinChat by CeraVe campaign, which won the Silver Award in the Fashion and Lifestyle category, and the SAMAS Association, with its campaign, Each Cub with Their Own Milk, which won two Silver Awards in the Communication in Medical Sector and Budget-, Creativity+ categories.

In 2020, Minio Studio was the most awarded independent local agency, winning 14 awards at local and regional communication festivals, such as the Effie Awards, the Festival of Media, Webstock, the Market Awards, and the Romanian PR Award.

Over time, Minio Studio has won 11 awards in the Romanian PR Award – 2 Gold Awards, 8 Silver Awards and 1 Diploma of Excellence – for campaigns conducted with SAMAS Association, Durex, JYSK, L’Oréal Paris, Sun Plaza, but also for the internal campaign, Digital Storytelling.

Campaigns awarded at the Romanian PR Award 2021:



In 2021, CeraVe conducted a study in 23 countries, including Romania, on how skincare routines changed during the pandemic. For Minio Studio, the challenge was finding a way to present the information in a manner that was both useful and relevant for the consumers. In an environment mainly dominated by short content, Minio and CeraVe have created #SkinChat, a 45-minute broadcast format. The information was presented in the form of news, talk shows, and contests – along with dermatologists, celebrities, and content creators.

An extensive online communication campaign – activations dedicated to influencers, a collection of TikTok videos, and social media communication – also supported the show.

#SkinChat received positive feedback from consumers and recorded almost 500 viewing hours in the first month.

You can see the project here:




In Romania, motherhood and breastfeeding are still controversial topics. Unfortunately, the lack of an open dialogue on these subjects results in misinformation and speculation, which is why 24% of parents nurse their babies with milk of animal origin in the first 6 months of life, which exposes their children to developmental problems.

In a country that is skeptical of any information from the authorities, Minio Studio has approached the communication of scientific information in a way that is as friendly as possible to the general public, without assuming the role of a condemning and know-all expert.

The agency, inspired by the way mothers pamper their babies as cubs, realised that each animal has different nutritional needs that can only be fulfilled through milk that comes from their own species, and the same is true for babies. In other words, Each cub with their own milk!

The campaign involved 4 specialists who developed educational content. In addition, we developed interactive digital assets and materials that invite a to dialogue.

The outcome? A reach 19.3 times higher than estimated and 48 times higher on YouTube than estimated, an engagement rate of over 40%, and half of the users have viewed the videos end-to-end.

You can see the project here:

In 2022, Minio Studio celebrates 6 years of activity on the market and aims to surprise the industry with new projects, which will stand out through results and performance.