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40% of Romanian employees say 2023 will be a good year professionally. Who will get pay rises

There will only be pay rises in the country for those who perform well at work, say HR specialists.

In a difficult economic climate, employers are being more careful with money and want to reward their long-serving employees.

At the same time, even though the economy is in need of manpower, many young people up to the age of 24 haven’t decided on a career path. As a result, unemployment among them is at its highest – over 20%.

In one advertising company, pay rises in the new year were given only to employees who performed very well.

Managers had meetings with each employee and offered them new benefit packages. Priority is given to those who have been with the company for years.


Ana Velea, operations manager at an advertising company:

“When we discuss salary increases there are several indicators we take into account. First of all performance indicators, but also loyalty indicators, i.e. the employee’s length of service, it is very important to reward people who remain loyal and consistent to your business.”


Leonard Rizoiu, HR specialist:

“Although 2022 was a record year for recruitment and the number of job contracts increased by around 100,000, especially in construction and IT, this year companies will slow down the pace of hiring. In addition, the increase in the minimum wage from 1 January to 3,000 lei gross has hit the budget, especially among small firms.”


Ana Vișan, marketing manager at a recruitment platform:

“It is very possible that a small company will not be able to afford to hire in the coming period. There will be pressure on current employees to take on more tasks, where possible and appropriate”.

Shortage of specialists remains a problem

For job seekers, the areas with the most job vacancies are sales, IT/Telecom, Engineering, Finance/Accounting and the manufacturing and logistics sectors. But the shortage of specialists remains a problem, especially when it comes to experienced and qualified staff.

In the new economic climate, employees go for interviews, submit their CVs, but find it hard to accept a new job.

Marius Marin, employee: “It’s important to feel good, to feel comfortable, to have stability in the current economic context.

According to a recent survey, 40% of Romanian employees are optimistic that 2023 will be a good year professionally. Only 27% think it will be more difficult and 16% say there will be no change compared to last year.

However, this year most Romanian employees will be more careful with their money, take more time off and be cautious with their health.

Source: ProTV