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7 Webstock nominations. What have we done to deserve them?

In the Romanian advertising landscape, Minio is not the most creative agency, nor the largest, nor the cheapest, or even the most technological. Instead, we aim to be the smartest – creating impactful campaigns for our clients. That’s why we have a strong strategic pipeline, a fresh creative approach, and an impeccable execution team.

That’s why we’re highly versatile, our projects are integrated, as we combine communication channels in the optimal mix. Our approach is channel-agnostic, which means that we don’t take channels into account. It doesn’t matter if we execute the creative solution on Instagram, through live shows, a website, an in-store promotion, a content project, or an event.

So this year we have 7 nominations at Webstock, in 5 different categories and 6 different campaigns. A performance we are very proud of and which shows that we deliver what we promise. Here are some details about each one:



Launching condoms by size – now that’s a challenge! The campaign to launch Durex’s new products, from SlimFit to XXL. We teamed up with the Ceva Mărunt comedian crew for a spectacular 360 campaign – from the humorous TV spot, a collection of digital clips, an interactive video quiz, and more.

The results blew us away, too:

  • the use of video content in general, but also the interactive video quiz, paid off – the interest of Romanians in the campaign was apparent in the very low bounce rate of only 9.12%.
  • 486,324 page views in just 1 month, with an average time on site of about 1:40m and an average of 3.7 pages/session.
  • out of 100,000 unique users, 32% participated in the test.
  • we reached 85% of our target audience.
  • Google Trends showed a significant increase for Durex Slim Fit search during the campaign period. Also during the same period, the topic of “size” in association with “durex” was marked as breakouts by Google.

 See the project HERE!



During the pandemic, BAT continues its youth recruitment program. But the recruitment tools it usually relied on – job fairs – were no longer there. So, fast forward, the campaign was run online and based on a series of 7 webinars given by people from BAT. And not just any people – the kick-off was given by Ram Addanki, Area Director – Central Europe South (CEO level). People from different departments, from internal to top management, but also 3 content creators participated. The webinars were perfectly integrated under the #myBATstory concept because we were able to show real-life inside the company.

The results were beyond expectations:

  • 1,045 young people signed up for the platform.
  • More than 60% of those who signed up were in the target age group (under 26).
  • 50% of the participants declared their interest in a job in BAT, with only 6% declaring no interest. This also shows that the live video webinars were the right part of the communication mix, reaching the right audience with the right interests.
  • Over 74% of participants said they would attend further webinars in the series.
  • over 12,000 unique visitors to the recruitment campaign website.
  • the target number of applicants per position was far exceeded.



With the “What do you put on your TUC?” (“TUCe pui pe TUC?” ) campaign, we managed to turn TUC from a salty biscuit into a delicious carrier for whatever you’re craving. To showcase the versatility of TUC for small-bites of anything, we made 69 different recipes in a gorgeous visual execution. On the campaign website, consumers selected their favorite ingredients with a Tinder-like motion to generate these recipes, which we invited them to appreciate with a heart.

The results were great:

  • The 69 recipes generated received 63,141 likes/appreciations.
  • Time on site: 3.30 minutes – a sign that users played with the recipe generator to discover as many new combinations as possible.
  • bounce rate of only 22%.
  • almost 570,000 recipe views.
  • 380,000 views on the stories posted by the two influencers who contributed to the recipes.

See the project HERE!



Durex’s presence at Untold meant a tower wrapped in LED screens, on which we projected real-time messages based on what was happening at the festival. In addition, we had Kiss Cam and all sorts of live streams on the brand’s Facebook page.

The results we achieved were:

  • The posts and organic reach brought in almost 8 million views on social media due to activation-related posts, as well as over 3,000 direct interactions with the posts.
  • During the 2 weeks of communicating Durex’s participation at Untold, Durex’s Instagram page doubled its fanbase since then.

See the project HERE!



The launch of the Rowenta Forever Sharp was a digital-only campaign, with Flick at its center. It’s one of those projects where the influencer makes all the difference. Flick Domnu’ Rimă (Mr. Rhyme) reinvented 3 poems, which he recited in front of the camera while shaving with his Rowenta trimmer. An almost impossible challenge that caught the attention of his followers and made them curious to find out more.

The results were as crazy as it gets:

  • over 1 million views, 6 times more than estimated.
  • 325 comments, likes, and shares.
  • in Google Trends, during the campaign period, Rowenta Forever Sharp outperformed the main competitor – Philips One Blade.
  • in the Flanco network, Forever Sharp was sold out after the first two days of the campaign – a result we were able to track via Flick’s videos.
  • the campaign generated over 500 comments, most of which included positive reviews, even though people recognized it as a “Great product placement”, “A nice ad”. People also responded to the videos by creating their rhymes in the comments.

See the project HERE!



Sun Plaza launched the first augmented reality app, which users can use to discover treasures and collect coins. These then turn into prizes and discounts at various stores in the mall. The campaign was extensive, with influencers testing the app by live-streaming the experience (as in the gaming industry), as well as various digital executions, branding specifically in the mall.

Campaign results:

  • the number of downloads of the app was above the set target.
  • influencers organically generated over 1.2 million views.

See the project HERE!


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