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A relaxed start to the year with lots of live stories and key learnings @The Value of Storytelling

Diana Cobzaru, Creative Strategist and Marius Marin, our renowned Reputation Manager share their impressions from their first live event in a long time! Spoiler alert: they both love to tell lots of stories, that’s probably why they enjoyed it there after all!

The Value of Storytelling was a Creativity4Better event that took place on 27 January and aimed to start the year 2022 with inspiring beautiful stories. The guests were from both the Marcom area and related fields such as photography, filmmaking, music, painting and architecture, people who have taken creativity in their field to another level.

Diana: It felt a little bit weird, because the zoom events made us very comfortable – you didn’t need to hurry in order to arrive in time, you didn’t need to think a lot about how you are going to dress up or with whom you might “meet & interact” at the given event. It was just you and your laptop in the comfort of your home (or wherever you wanted). I almost forgot about all the rush before a live event and felt good to be back on track.

Marius: It was great to attend a live event with some of our colleagues after so long. Honestly, I kind of forgot about the experience of a physical event – getting used to the reminders on the phone, the play and the pause between projects.

Diana: #StorytellingDoneRight #rabdare #diversitate.

Marius: Long story short, the main word of the event was “storytelling”. To describe it in hashtags would be something like this: #Storytelling #People #Passions #Responsability #Involvement #Satisfaction.

Diana: it is a list because who doesn’t like lists?

  • Something you do now not only impact you and the present state – it can have an impact for the next generations
  • You can see/hear/feel storytelling from almost everything around you – even if it is a good or a not-so-good story
  • Everything takes time and you need to be patient with your process.
  • Life is a continuous search of what makes each of us authentic.

Marius: Whether we work in advertising or in another field, we tell stories through what we do: about people, about things, about what we see, what we like, about our successes, but also about our insecurities. Life itself is a story!

Diana: Attila Kim, an architect with extensive experience in the design of cultural exhibitions, restoration and architectural projects – because interior design is one of my passions and I know that in interior design – when you create the design of a room, it needs to tell a story and make you feel something when you enter it. And Atilla told us about the story behind a series of houses/places that still have an impact on society even after decades. So, through his speech I had the opportunity to hear stories directly from someone who does this at a whole new level. It is an amazing idea to be able to tell stories this way, if you think about it. Somehow, he gave me hope.

Marius: I really liked Anca Dușe‘s professional story. She traveled around the world for 1 year – during this time she documented and photographed places, people and moments and shared them with other people interested in visiting those places. She took photography courses, she learned new things for this experience and then quit her job to become a freelancer. Now she creates very beautiful artistic content, she is in charge of everything and her work began to be appreciated also by brands.

Diana: The diversity of the speaker’s work & stories.

Marius: The stories shared by the guests with the audience. At the same time, I remembered what it is like to hear a live story shared by someone who is in front of you, not on a laptop screen, and the fact that a story comes with feelings, gestures, emotions.

Diana: I think you should strongly support whatever you truly believe in. It’s your story and depending on how you tell it, that’s how it will be perceived. You have to stand by your values and identify with them in everything you do. And that goes for brands, not just people.

Marius: The fact that I can always tell a better story – define better the message, build the message on the most important pillars of the story and challenging myself how to share it, whether it’s about SM content, a movie, or even an architectural project (as the speakers showed us).


We look forward to seeing you at future events, either in a comment box or in between speakers!