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Ana Bărbulescu, Head of Accounts: “The separation between old and new generations: a cliché”

Over 14 years of experience in the market is hard to build up and easy to see. We invite you to read the interview with Ana Bărbulescu, Head of Accounts at Minio, who answered a few questions about what it means to be an account at Minio, and how she sees the current context and working with brands in 2023.
  1. Hi Ana! It’s been eight months since you joined the Minio team as Head of Accounts. How has this period been for you?

Eight months already? I feel so “MINIO” that eight months seems incredibly short for how well we harmonise as a team, for each of our projects and for how much we manage to do together with our clients and partners.

From the very first weeks, my inclusion in MINIO came naturally and I’m glad to be here.

  1. What has been the most interesting and challenging project you have coordinated since you came to Minio?

I can’t choose just one. We have a challenging client and project mix that I think any agency would be proud of. We work with market leaders in FMCG, iconic global brands, successful entrepreneurial businesses and NGOs with visible impact in society. Every day brings us the opportunity to develop projects with a strategic core that don’t go unnoticed.

  1. The beginning of the year was full of projects. Is this a sign that we are coming out of the crisis or, on the contrary, are customers preparing for a difficult period?

I think successful entrepreneurs and teams have “learned” from pandemic, war and inflation that agility and flexibility are mandatory. Reacting quickly, knowing clearly what you are relying on and where you want to go, but being adaptable in the way you do it, is the paradigm we are working in now. For any brand it is important to be relevant and present in the ever-changing context and it is natural for the agency to be the assertive partner, always looking towards a better future and contributing to the growth of its clients’ business.

  1. You’re an experienced Account Management professional. What do the new generations look like? What do you like about the young professionals coming up? What do you think they should be working on?

I wouldn’t make a separation between the new and old generations, it seems cliché to me. I appreciate and feel honoured to work with people who are well-intentioned, committed, open to evolving, able to learn from mistakes, creative, organised, curious and with a ‘sense of reality’. And this is not a matter of age, but of attitude and, to some extent, of education.

  1. What is the portrait of the ideal account from your point of view?

The ideal account for MINIO is the one that fits best in our team. And the first step is to apply for a job, and if we’re a good fit, we then build together.

  1. So what are your conclusions? What do you think 2023 will look like?

More intense but better structured than 2022. Overall better than previous and a basis for expected increases in 2024.