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We launched in January 2016 with a small team and a lot of courage, under the leadership of Ioana Mucenic, our CEO. Our name is inspired by the “Minions” movie characters – not because they are goofy – but because they are small and have big dreams, planning to steal the moon. In just three years, we did the impossible – growing to a team of 26, ranking no. 28 in Forbes Ad Agencies List, working for amazing clients in Romania, Germany, Hungary and Poland, being a stable and reliable company.  We pride ourselves with our  growth mindset, passion for innovation, as well as our deep care for people – employees, partners, clients or consumers. We are here to stay and to change the advertising world for the better, one campaign at a time.


Advertising is mirroring society. It evolves so fast and so epic, that we can no longer perform in traditional advertising agency setting. So this is how we do it.

Growth Mindset

Meaning a culture of learning, curiosity, risk taker, believes in progress over perfection, keen to evolve, in-love with innovation


Meaning creative, passionate to create new things, intelligent, innovative, risk taker, passionate to understand ``the why`` and to explore the ``what ifs``


Meaning flexible, moves quickly and decisive, adaptability to context, in continuous change for the better, fast reaction to changes


Meaning human-centered, focused on truly understanding human nature, empathic, transparent, authentic, respectful


Meaning rigorous, strategic, organized, doing more with less, reduce waste, values resources, works with precision and is dedicated to quality.


Meaning joy, fun, optimist, feeling good at work, enjoy what you do, enjoy life at its fullest, share good moments with colleagues, clients and other friends.