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Enterprise Romania and Minio Studio encouraged Romanians to have a safe #FIRSTROADTRIP (#PRIMULDRUM)

Minio Studio has started its collaboration with Enterprise Romania, a rent-a-car company, at a time when the car industry, as well as the travel industry, was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, Minio has responded to a tough business challenge – to encourage Romanian consumers to rent a car during the summer months, as a safe alternative to the classic means of transport – train, bus, and minibus. With the launch of the campaign, there has also been optimization of the services offered by Enterprise in terms of car sanitation protocol.

The campaign was called #PrimulDrum and was launched in the first week after the easing of traffic restrictions. As the announcement of this relaxation was made by officials overnight, the client-agency team mobilized to launch the campaign in just 3 working days.

‘We were happy to find two things in Minio that are very important for Eurolines Group: enthusiasm and a fair attitude towards services. The creativity of the concepts they had proposed and the speed of how things were done convinced us to team up with Minio. We want to build many beautiful projects together, in a context where brand communication and innovation cannot be separated, and Romanians’ needs and preferences are changing more and more often’, Adriana Vlad (Marketing Manager Eurolines Group).

‘The call to go on the first road trip after months of staying at home was relevant in the first days when we were allowed to travel between locations. At that time, Romanians were eager to go to the seaside, to the mountains, or simply to see their friends or family. So, if we missed those days, the campaign would have lost its impact. Therefore, although the project was planned towards the end of June, we managed to launch it in just three days’, said Cristiana Pană (Head of Strategy & Growth @Minio Studio).

The campaign was developed on a mix of emotional and rational messages. On one hand, it offered inspiration to consumers, inviting them to plan their first safe trip. In addition to multiple digital executions for social channels, the project also included a video with footage of Romania that made you want to go on holiday:

On the other hand, Enterprise also offered consumers a promotional mechanism, as they could win the car and gas for a three-day trip by signing up at

The “First Road Trip” campaign is the first in a larger series of communication components that Enterprise Romania is going to develop in collaboration with Minio Studio.