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Life as an Account Manager at Minio, told by Andreea

When you read Andreea‘s perspective, know that we are recruiting for two roles: Social Media Manager and Integrated Account Manager. So see if you’d like to join us, you can apply here:



Social Media Manager

Integrated Account Manager

Hey, tell us about yourself. Name, role, and how long you’ve been with the Minio team.

Hey, I’m Andreea and I’ve been part of the wonderful Minio team for a year and, almost, a month. Although initially I was hired for a different position, slowly, by doing several different tasks, I got closer to the account management area. And I don’t regret it at all!

What are your main responsibilities?

Of course, there is a standard set of responsibilities that apply to most projects, such as continuous communication with the client and the creative team, but also with suppliers or collaborators as the case may be, or creating budgets, planning and coordinating the project itself; and then we have the collecting and analyzing results part. Because you have to see what to keep and what didn’t work, for future projects.

What do you like about your job?

Following on from what I said above, the thing I like most about my job is that no two days are the same. Even though the profile of the tasks is the same, each time there is a variation that brings a sense of novelty. Also, it’s a great environment to learn and grow. Perhaps the only thing that still makes me jump out of my skin from time to time is the element of unpredictability that can sometimes occur. But, it doesn’t come without some benefit either, because it manages to challenge you.

What is the working atmosphere like at Minio?

I feel that the atmosphere at Minio is right up my alley. People are honest and there is a lot of discussion about what our work brings to the table and how we can be happier while doing it. Not that we aren’t happy, but the advertising industry can be demanding at times, and the agency knows how and when to step in with initiatives that are designed to lift our spirits during those busy times.

What interesting project have you worked on recently?

Being still a novice, I haven’t yet completed a one-off head-to-head project. But I’ve been there for a lot of the components that have been part of our most recent projects. So it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment that I was able to contribute to what Minio has done over the past year.

What would you say to other account managers who are considering applying to Minio?

Be prepared to find a welcoming and open environment! In addition to the great work we do here, we will also welcome you with open arms. Literally, because we love hugs.


Social Media Manager

Integrated Account Manager