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As the years go by, February becomes more and more meaningful for us at Minio. In addition to celebrating another year of excellence in strategic communications and creative business solutions, this month is the time of year when Minio’s Annual Conference takes place, where colleagues are presented with the past year’s conclusions, the goals we are all striving towards, and the changes that are coming to support their achievement.

The one-day event took place in the conference rooms of the Cișmigiu Hotel and had 3 main moments, each with its own speaker.

Cristiana Pană, Head of Strategy and Growth @Minio who talked about the agile workflow organization, in a way that breaks the patterns of classic Art-Copy, Account-Strategist etc. partnerships to deliver the best business solutions and campaign strategies.

Ana Velea, Head of Operations @Minio, who presented in characteristically ultra-transparent fashion what 2021 looked like in numbers and operationally and warmed up the whole team for the changes of 2022. And very well she did, because among the changes is the organization of work-from-anywhere, from different co-working spaces (you can see on our Social Media channels how the first experiences looked like).

Ioana Mucenic, CEO @Minio, was the third speaker of the conference and focused on her vision for 2022, what the agency’s goals are and how they can be translated into one’s work. A highlight of her moment was watching the first episode of Creative Chaos, Minio’s new branded content series coming out this year.

The star of the breaks between speakers was an AR activation where everyone could discover more about their colleagues when they scanned an AR card.

And it wouldn’t be us if we hadn’t found a corner where we could get busy taking pictures. And it wasn’t just a corner!