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Minio Studio and Coca-Cola HBC launch a new Creative Chaos series about an international employer branding campaign

The strategic creative agency Minio Studio has launched a new Creative Chaos series, this time in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC. Creative Chaos is a short documentary in the ‘how it’s made’ genre that reveals the behind-the-scenes of creating a campaign, from the pitch or brief stage to evaluating the results. The content series includes interviews with those who have actually worked on the project – both from the agency and the client side – ensuring that all participants are authentic, not actors.

You can watch the series here:

Take a look at the trailer!

Creative Chaos about the International Leadership Trainee Program by Coca-Cola HBC

This new series tells the story behind the creation of ILTP (International Leadership Trainee Program by Coca-Cola HBC), an early-talent recruitment program conducted in 23 countries. Minio Studio won a pitch, becoming the employer branding agency for Coca-Cola HBC, and ILTP was its first major project.

Creative Chaos highlights the entire journey of the working process, starting from the early stages of the pitch and extending to the actual implementation and results evaluation. This short series provides viewers with the opportunity to follow interviews with senior professionals from Coca-Cola HBC, who transparently reveal the objectives and challenges faced during the creation of the ILTP program. The Minio Studio team adds even more depth to the narrative through a blend of professional and personal insights, offering a fresh and authentic perspective on collaborating with an international client of such scale.

The launch campaign for ILTP – Bring Your Own Magic – has already received 6 awards, both locally and internationally, and has multiple nominations, including the prestigious RAD UK festival, where the winners will be announced on January 25. You can see the awards won by this project here.

“Even after 20 years of experience, working on the development of ILTP was a moment of professional pride for me. It is a complex project, and I believe its success depended greatly on the relationship we had with the Coca-Cola HBC team – a blend of professionalism and humanity that I find quite rare. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy project; on the contrary. I particularly appreciate the client’s openness to participate in this project, which is essentially an exercise in transparency and vulnerability that few are comfortable undertaking. So, I invite you to watch it with an open heart” stated Ioana Mucenic, CEO of Minio Studio & Maker Studio.

Creative Chaos by Coca-Cola HBC & Minio Studio is the second series within this project. The first project showcased the story of the TOP Snack campaign, developed by Minio Studio in collaboration with Mondelēz and Macromex.

Minio Studio – The Most Awarded Agency at the Employer Branding Awards

With the series of awards received at the Employer Branding Awards in 2023, Minio Studio emerged as the most awarded agency in this competition. It is evidence of the expertise the agency has developed in the field of Employer Branding, despite it not being its exclusive specialization.



Minio Studio is a strategic creative agency. Launched in 2016 by Ioana Mucenic and Paul Cotor, the agency now boasts a team of 25 professionals, complemented by an extensive ecosystem of collaborators with specific expertise. The agency has over 30 local an international awards, ranging from Effie, to Webstock, Romanian PR Award, Digital Communication Awards and many more.