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Minio Studio x Pluria: we have completely given up the office and work better as a team through Pluria

Minio Studio is one of the advertising agencies in Romania that have completely given up their own headquarter and switched to a hybrid working regime of flexible spaces, in order to give priority to the comfort and well-being of their employees.

The strategic creative agency marks six months since replacing a fixed workspace with several dozen flexible spaces accessed through the Pluria network. “Our way of working has improved a lot: we work exclusively from flexible spaces and occasionally from home, and this has allowed my colleagues to have a balance between their personal lives and work priorities in the agency. Even though we don’t have a fixed office anymore, the team works very often together and meets in different spaces“, says Ana Velea – Head of Operations at Minio Studio.

Cristiana Pană – Head of Strategy, Răzvan Sarivan – Digital Account Manager and Andreea Flori – Account Executive from the agency also talked about the experience of using Pluria.

Minio Studio employees used to work in hybrid mode before they gave up their own office, but now they have combined work from home with work from office and even work from anywhere.

”We did an internal evaluation and most colleagues said they prefer to work remotely and have the freedom to work from where they prefer. The well-being of our employees is very important to us, we have a ‘human-centric’ approach to work and take their preferences into account. In addition, we have noticed that working remotely from flexible spaces has brought us together more often and improved our creativity, but there is also a very good vibe in the Pluria network spaces”, added Ana Velea – Head of Operations.

Minio Studio is one of Pluria’s pioneers in the creative industry and the success of their new way of working negates the prejudice that creative agencies need a fixed location to collaborate very well.

“Agencies in the creative industry, because of the specifics of their work, need different spaces to inspire them. With Pluria, they can have flexible access to such spaces, whether they need to organise an event in an exceptionally designed hub, a meeting with the team to launch a new project or simply for one-to-one work in one of the network’s cafés. Moreover, in some café or business lounge locations Pluria users also have a menu included, with great food, and in this way they can combine working with a social component together with colleagues. Ultimately this is the new way of working: you want the best of both worlds: beautiful spaces, included benefits and the freedom to work how and where you prefer,” said Gabriela Drăghia, Pluria co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

Read more about moving from fixed locations and work from home to flexible ones in the Pluria material here.


Minio Studio is a strategic creative agency. Launched in 2016 by Ioana Mucenic and Paul Cotor, the agency now has a team of 21 professionals, complemented by a large ecosystem of collaborators with specific expertise, working for clients such as Mondelēz, L’Oréal, BAT, SOCAR, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, ANCOM. In 2020, Minio Studio was the most awarded local independent agency. In just three years, the agency has accumulated over 20 awards and another 24 nominations in communication festivals. As a point of differentiation, Minio Studio is also the only agency in the region to have its own integrated biometric analysis lab, allowing the agency to evaluate its creative from a consumer perspective.


Pluria is the first international solution that facilitates hybrid working for the corporate environment through a network of flexible spaces (coworking spaces, cafes, hotels) in seven countries in Europe and Latin America (Romania, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru). Clients using Pluria’s service include Mindit, GRF++ (formerly Graffiti PR), Zenitech, FintechOS and Zitec.

For more information, contact:

Minio Studio: Marius Marin – Reputation Manager,

Pluria: Anca Șerban, Head of Marketing,

Pluria is an international subscription that facilitates working from anywhere, allowing companies to implement a fully flexible and cost-effective hybrid or remote working model. Employees can book offices or rooms via the mobile app by accessing a network of flexible workspaces, while companies have control and transparency over their distributed workforce.

The network includes more than 500 flexible workspaces in Europe and LATAM (Romania, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Peru) which are accessed via a mobile app available in Google Play and AppStore. For more information, visit