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BAT Global Graduate

BAT Global Graduate

BAT organizes an annual recruitment program for young talent called Global Graduate. In 2022, the program's goals were proving difficult to achieve due to the low number of suitable candidates and challenging requirements for the Gen Z target. The campaign translated what the program is all about - a career accelerator - into clear and simple benefits and used social media as a key strategy in promoting this message to the target audience.




British American Tobacco is the largest contributor to the state budget, a top employer and ranks 32nd in the Catalyst top employers in Romania. However, recruiting young talent from Generation Z is increasingly difficult due to the dwindling number of suitable candidates.

The program had 2 points of tension: the recruitment process was very difficult and laborious and it was not clear to the local audience what benefits it offered in comparison with the effort invested.

The ABC of GG: We positioned the program as a company springboard and renamed the program from Global Graduate to Career Accelerator, where the main USP was that you can become a manager in 12 months. The campaign's goal was to communicate as clearly as possible the real benefits that young people can gain by entering the program.


Visual collection

A series of visuals that creatively translated the name of the program and its benefits: GG (Gobal Graduate) became Giga Genius or Global Genius. Several executions ensured that our Gen Z audience wouldn't end up ignoring the campaign message out of habit and gave us the creative space to pique their interest.

Video interviews with alumni

Video-interview, where Andrei Nicolae, DJ at Virgin Radio, talked to BAT employees, GG graduates. It was turned into 20 short videos, easy to watch on any Social Media platform. Each execution authentically captured key information about GG, from recruitment to progression in the company.


Andrei Niculae was the perfect choice for this campaign because of his professional experience in leading discussions, but also because of the specific GenZ environment in which he works. In addition to the video content he created, he amplified the campaign materials and encouraged his community to ask as many questions about GG as possible on his channels.

Digital activations

The campaign also relied on a series of activations that gamified the discovery process. Giveaway: audiences were invited to nominate young Gen Z people who could be accepted into the program. Instagram: anyone could ask questions about GG and get answers as quickly as possible. Interactive stories: quizzes where people could find out more about GG.