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BAT Global Graduate

BAT Global Graduate

BAT annually conducts an innovative talent recruitment program called Global Graduate. In 2023, achieving the objectives of this program posed a challenge due to the limited number of suitable candidates and the demanding requirements targeting Generation Z. Faced with this context, the campaign committed to transforming the program's features into clear and accessible benefits, positioning it as a true career accelerator. To effectively convey the message to the target audience, Social Media was chosen as the central strategy. The campaign was successfully executed in six European countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, and Italy. The agency team handled the entire process: comprehensively, from campaign strategy, concept, dedicated photoshoots and filming sessions, development of visual elements, to campaign implementation in the online environment. Thus, we managed to bring the story of this program to life in a captivating way and draw the attention of young talents from across Europe to the extraordinary opportunities offered by Global Graduate.