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CeraVe House

CeraVe House

Acne-prone skin is one of the reasons why the self-esteem and self-love of young Gen-Zs are affected. CeraVe House was created as an immersive and educational experience to combat these effects by highlighting how products work and destigmatizing the discussion around this topic in the offline and online environment. It took participants through 5 zones: Understand, Learn, Discover, Boost and Share.




CeraVe introduces the Blemish Control range, developed to address and treat acne, with a focus on the needs of young people, who are most affected by this problem. Given the sensitivity of the subject of acne, CeraVe aimed to provide the opportunity for a deeper and more emotional connection with its consumers.

Convincing consumers to try and trust a new product range can be a monumental challenge, especially for the younger generations, who are more likely to be looking for reliable information. How do you capture their attention in a way that is relevant to their needs?

We chose to inregrate the new range of products into an experience designed to strengthen the consumer's connection with the brand, while providing essential information from doctors on how to deal with acne. The centrepiece of the communication was breaking down digital barriers with a 4-day event.


CeraVe House

We designed a space dedicated to caring for our skin, combining multiple experiences that participants could enjoy. The CeraVe House became the place where you learn, discuss, have fun and begin to love not only your skin, but also yourself.

Empowering Content

The content we used on social media and in our digital campaigns had to appeal to young people, while at the same time giving them a dose of positivity and self-confidence, things that are often overlooked in discussions about acne.

Content with specialits

An important step was to inform the targeted audience about the new Blemish Control range through a sampling campaign. We chose to do this in environments familiar to them, where they spend most of their time: university dorms and university halls, and we organised events in BebeTei stores where they could meet with doctors.

Content creators

To top off the communication, we created even more buzz by teaming up with influencers and doctors who provided essential tips for treating acne, but most importantly, we leveraged the content created by the event participants themselves.