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Create your TOP snack

Create your TOP snack

Snacking is part of our daily lives and with the pandemic forcing us to spend more time at home, snacking became a way to be more creative and enjoy moments with every delicious bite. So, how could we benefit this context and generate new consumption occasions in a cross branded campaign for three brands from different angles of the taste spectrum - Oreo, TUC and Philadelphia, while also engaging the consumers?




The pandemic forced people to spend more time at home, a fact which generated new snacking occasions and opportunities for experimenting in the kitchen with the resources and abilities each of us already had. So, this was a real opportunity to communicate TUC, Oreo and Philadelphia as enablers for innovating the snacking habit. However, none of the three brands were strangers to engaging consumers with easy and delicious recipes, with very successful cross-branded campaigns already having happened in the past for any 2 of the brands. What was new was the challenge to communicate all of them together.

TUC, Oreo and Philadelphia are brands with products from different angles of the taste spectrum and these are very well-established facts in consumers’ minds. TUC is salty, Oreo is sweet and Phili might go with both, depending on the combos. So, how could we communicate all three together in the same campaign, in an interactive and innovative way? What was that new something we could say about snacking that goes beyond taste differences?

We realized that even if it might seem like a simple task, finding the snack that suits each occasion is actually quite challenging. You want something fancy-looking when your friends come by, something that won’t crumble when you play computer games, something sweet and comforting after a difficult task at work. So, besides the taste preferences, it’s also very much about the context when you’re craving for a certain snack. Therefore, we came up with an entire discipline: Snackology, the science that studies the perfect snack for each occasion.


Mouthwatering content for 16 recipes

We thought about 16 consumption occasions that are recurrent in people’s daily lives and came up with 16 mouthwatering recipes that were showcased in a detailed photoshooting. The recipes were created by Chef Dexter, already a partner for TUC and Philadelphia, and combined the brands and various ingredients for delicious snacks.

Tens of video formats

We filmed 3 of the recipes in the context of the consumption occasions they were proposed for. Afterwards, we created various ad formats starting from the main videos and ran them on all platforms - from a games dedicated one, to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Extended Social Media presence

Besides all the video formats, we used the stunning pictures we took for static ads and posts on Social Media. The layouts were in line with the campaign’s identity, while also focusing on the food appeal. We also added contests with prizes for all of the three brands.

Interactive Landing Page

The dedicated Landing Page was the cherry on top for our campaign. Here, consumers could register for the promo, see the videos and also interact with the recipes. They could choose their favorite occasion for a snack and see Dexter’s recommendation, his evaluation as a “Snackologist” and rate the recipe themselves.