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Durex extended the favorite range for men, Durex Featherlite, based on size preference (XXL & Slim Fit) to better fit their anatomic needs. However, this meant entering a mined territory for men: a discussion about measure. And here is how we have addressed it. This campaign was awarded with the following prizes at the festivals: Effie Awards 2020 – Silver – Medical services & healthcare products Romanian PR Award 2020 Brand PR – New products and services (Silver) Digital PR (Silver) Communication in medical sector (Gold) Festival of Media 2020 (Contributing Agency alongside with Zenith Media) Best Engagement Strategy (Gold) Best Use of Talent (Silver) Best Local Execution of a Global Brand (Bronze)    




Durex had 2 innovations in their Featherlite range that are dedicated for 2 types of needs: Durex XXL & Durex Slim Fit products.

Men don't know exactly what type of condom fits them and are usually against the usage of condoms as they feel less stimulated. The challenge was to make men aware of the size of the condom according to their needs, but at the same time tackle the subject of ”size” in a politically correct manner.

As men like good humor, we planned to use this as a twist in communication when dealing with such a delicate subject. We partnered with stand-up comedians from ”Ceva Mărunt” and developed a series of educational but funny videos for digital, social media, TV and in-store.


Multiple country campaign

We were proud to create this original campaign, that was further used for all the other 5 countries in the cluster. For some of them, we also handled the local adaptation.

Interactive Video

Users could find out the right condom for them, after taking an interactive video quiz. All questions were in video format, asked by influencers in a one-to-one manly discussion. Try it:

Online campaign

Plenty of digital formats were created in order to assure the media boost of our message. They were all fun, contextual and truly memorable.

A series of educational info-graphic animations were developed to make both the website & social media posts more interactive and attractive for male target.