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Fish only with Unfished!

Fish only with Unfished!

Are we trully aware of the fact that fish consumption as it is right now will dramatically affect the ocean fish in the near future? We say there is plenty of fish in the sea, but not so much anymore. Fish is not an unlimited resource. Specialists warn us about overfishing, because at the current rate, ocean fish will become extinct by 2048. Until this moment, 90% of large fish, such as tuna, have already disappeared, and collateral victims, such as turtles and dolphins accidentally caught in fishing nets, are on the huge list of losses.  But with Unfished you can have a guilt-free alternative. On top of that, it also has a strangely good offer. Fish only for Unfished!




Romanians are important fish consumers, especially during fasting periods. At the same time, at a global level, we are facing a rather major issue in terms of excessive consumption of ocean fish. Given these two barriers, we try to convince Romanians that there can be sustainable alternatives, that are eco-friendly, but also great for times of religious fasting.

Sustainability is still a new topic in Romania, and ocean fish, at least from a geolocative point of view, is not so accessible to Romanians. Hence the problem: how can we make this cause become locally relevant and how to focus on an issue deemed as less important than other national social causes (such as: poverty, school dropout rates, etc.)

The solution came from a shift in targeting towards an audience who is more prepared to receive the message. That is why we chose TikTok as our main channel of amplification. Consequently, most of the traffic came from the new social channels. Moreover, to provide an additional hook in communication, we’ve created a dedicated promotion to recruit consumers from the fish-consumption category: an attractive promo-pack meant to ignite young people’s curiosity to test it.


Video image with promo component

If you thought there are plenty of fish in the sea and you went fishing, you better think again. That's why we created this video image, starring the actor from the previous campaign. He informs you that the status-quo is not as good as we would wish and invites you to discover alternative fish products .

Digital ads with sustainability messages

We reinforced the video message with digital materials, where we wanted to raise awareness that ocean fish is a limited resource. We directly captured data from studies and turned them into actionable data with impact, for example, based on a calculation formula on the current consumption trend, we chose to formulate the message as “in 2048 there will no longer be edible fish” versus “there’s only this much fish left in the ocean.”

Digital ads with promo message

In the message mix, we focused on communicating the promotional package to stimulate fish consumers towards trying the plant alternative. We put together a special offer suitable for the fasting period, with free delivery included. Of course,the promo was endorsed by the actor in the spot.

Website promo

And to make everything easy, the online materials refer to the website where you can find more information about what impact our consumption behavior has on the oceans and also announces the promo “Ocean friendly Pack”, which can be ordered directly from the website. Also, on the site you can discover the entire range of products available as well as the story of the brand.