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InfoCentru Ancom

InfoCentru Ancom

Promoting communications services to all consumers in times when people think they can find any information they need with a simple google search was a real challenge. But we accepted it and tried to make people consider ANCOM when they have a hard time finding information about the communications services they need. It took a 360° campaign, including a chatbot, three hilarious TVCs and many OOH and digital executions, to make ANCOM an appealing option for the audience. More info on:




The terms and conditions of communications services in Romania are usually hard to find and hard to understand. Not to mention that they are updated so often that people can’t always keep up with the new changes.

Public institutions are not well perceived by most of the Romanians. Additionally, there is a big problem regarding bureaucracy and people usually don’t know where or how to find the information they need. A lot of times people end up searching the information on Google and this is not the best idea considering the amount of data and the fact that not all the information there are valid or trustworthy.

It was hard for ANCOM to compete with the most important searching engines out there. So we had to make it as cool as Google is, so people begin to trust and consider it when they have trouble finding information about the communications services. The creative solution was to create a mini-series of spots that imitate the behavior of people who are searching for outrageous answers on the internet.


Some hard-to-skip TVCs

A series of TV commercials based on the same two characters illustrated, in a funny way, absurd situations googled by users. These are used as a trigger to bring consumers on the website and find their answers regarding communications services.

Extended digital presence

The campaign had a social media and GDN component, with over 150 digital assets designed to promote the website platform. The messages are different and each match a different typology of target.

A chatbot for (almost) all answers

In the technology era, we thought things will solve faster with a friendly and funny chatbot, programmed to guide users within the website, in order for them to answer the most common questions they might address.

Reaching people outdoor

In order to increase the campaign’s reach, we considered various consumer touch points around the country. We aimed to reach people in places where they are more likely to pay attention to surroundings and access the website, such as bus stops or elevators.