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Skinchat by Cerave 2.0

Skinchat by Cerave 2.0

The campaign started in Pandemic when the brand conducted a global survey in 23 countries based on which it discovered the main tension points in informing and educating young people about skin care and not just facial care. Already in its 2nd year, Skinchat is CeraVe's way of addressing Gen Z skincare. While 2021 relied on influencers to amplify global communication, 2022 was the year CeraVe chose to create a 100% local, interactive digital experience.




The skincare industry has been growing rapidly in recent years and yet the level of education of Romanians was still low compared to the European average. In Romania, basic skincare know-how was still reserved for connoisseurs and beauty influencers. That's why CeraVe set out to make it a mainstream topic for all Romanians: men and women, young and old alike.

Although video is the most effective long-form format to convey information and educate, consumer attention and retention rates have declined due to the consumption of short or ephemeral content on platforms like TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram. At the same time, Gen Z audiences tend to reject traditional advertising and prefer executions that natively integrate digital elements.

A digital experience with a dynamic storyline, each section being a short video developed like a TikTok featuring influencers or dermatologists. Users could choose how the story unfolded, their role was to help Valentina Keiko learn as much as possible about her skincare routine.


Interactive video experience

We created a complete user journey from the perspective of a real character, the influencer Valentina, who together with a dermatologist goes into discovering the right care for the body, not just the face, and interacts with other characters (influencers or dermatologists). Users had a unique experience based on their digital choices on the site, and Valentina advanced in the story based on who the user selected to interact with Valentina. It could have been a couple, women passionate about beauty, men reluctant to grooming routines or young Gen Z.


Relevant influencers were chosen for the audience, with a focus on Gen Z, who are known in the beauty area: Valentina Keiko, Virgil Godeanu, Mădălina Merca & Alexandru Don, Lorena Șerban and Andreea Remețan. Each represented a type of CeraVe consumer and played a specific role in the interactive experience. At the same time, influencers amplified the campaign materials on their own Social Media channels (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook).

Content with specialits

Because CeraVe products are developed by dermatologists, which is also the global positioning of the brand, we integrated professionals in both the experience and the communication materials of the campaign. Their role in the experience and in the communication was to provide relevant information in a way that was as authentic and close to Gen Z as possible.

Varied digital executions

Inspired by the TikTok aesthetic, we created visuals in the form of static, carousels, and videos in which both each influencer communicated the campaign's message and dermatologists supported it with the medical information they provided.