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Sun Treasure

Sun Treasure

While our society is more and more digital-oriented, Sun Plaza became the first mall in Romania offering an AR app to its customers. The new Sun Plaza app includes the game Sun Treasure, that introduces the players into a truly fascinating adventure while they are walking on the galleries or through shops. We had the challenge to create the launching campaign of the app in a relevant way. This campaign was awarded with the following prizes at the festivals: Romanian PR Award 2020 Brand PR – New products and services (Silver) Tech PR (Silver) Webstock 2020 Best Experiential Campaign (Bronze)  




Bucharest is one of the most crowded cities in Europe when speaking about malls, with not less then 16 shopping centers. In this context, it is not easy to stay in business. In order to attract more customers, Sun Plaza Mall launched an AR app to offer them a special shopping experience, the first one of this kind in Romania.

In a world with hundreds of apps, we are competing against all of them, inspite the fact that this one is the best regard mall-apps in the country. Nonetheless we had a clear mission: to make customers install it and discover how useful and fun it is. The question was: how to make a powerful and compelling story to make people to engage with the app?

Having a young audience to address, a strong social media presence was the key. We had high focus on engaging formats, like Facebook Instant Experience or Stories, that showcase the amazing world of the app, as well as video content. In order to make more buzz, the videos showed the real experiences of five different influencers.


Data-driven creativity

We didn’t follow only our creativity, but also in-house biometric data to create the key visual. Two computerized softs allow us to predict with high probability what will attract consumer’s eyes and what will make them more emotional, engaged and happy.

Landing page like a tutorial

We have developed an explanatory webpage to showcase the app. That helped the customers understand it’s value. In addition, we didn’t tell them to play the game, instead we told them why they should play it.

The story in offline

Additional to online story, the offline one followed very precise the consumers’ journey. We communicated with hangers and dedicated videos in the subway network, with street OOH and with different visual elements inside the mall.

Reviews challenge

Five influencers with different interests played the game and were recorded on camera. Their experiences were authentic and they could engage their communities showing them a first impression on the app’s functionality.