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TOP Snack

TOP Snack

After so many years of training Romanian consumers in the science of snackology, the TOP Snack campaign finally gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in making the tastiest snacks! Inspired by Chef Dexter and the 9 delicious recipes they were able to try at the "TOPteria" event, consumers had the chance to have their snack recreated by the influencer in a professional setting, as well as win various prizes.




TOP Snackis the cross-brand campaign that consumers know and already look forward to every year. TUC, Oreo and Philadelphia offer consumers different snack mixes that they have turned into a true science of the perfect snack - Snackology.

This year came with a new challenge: although Romanians have become familiar with Chef Dexter's TOP TASTES, they haven't had the opportunity to interact with them outside of the digital environment, nor have they had the chance to show off their TOP Snack skills.

Chef Dexter has created 9 sweet, savoury snack recipes to inspire consumers to become Snackology teachers themselves. And, because a TOP Snack can be made by any Snackologist, the most appetizing consumer recipes have been recreated by Chef Dexter himself. All the chosen recipes could be tried live at the special TOPteria event and the favourites voted on.


Appetizing content for snackologists

Chef Dexter, a significant cooking influencer, has created 9 TOP TASTES recipes using the 3 brands. These were recreated in a professional shoot and the resulting visuals were used in the digital campaign to inspire consumers to become Snackologists themselves.

Snacks came to the consumers: TOPTeria

Event organized in Bucharest where consumers could try Chef Dexter's recipes live. Ambient, the event was built to best showcase the products in the most appetizing way.

Extended digital presence

Based on the recipes developed by Dexter, we have developed a complete mix of assets, especially video, to give us versatility in digital formats. Through these, we highlighted the recipes as well as the promotional campaign's rewards in a complex messaging architecture to keep consumers in the story. With the variety of static & video creatives, we ensured the visibility of the campaign, as consumers tended to ignore creatives they found repetitive.

Interactiv Landing Page

The Landing Page was the end point of the consumer journey through all the TOP Tastes with the 3 brands. In addition to the promotional component, the website became a source of inspiration for consumers. We created a recipe generator to inspire them and help them become true Snackologists.