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Our Services.

We provide strategic creativity. So, our mix of services go beyond ATL/BTL/Digital Campaigns. Instead, our mission is to connect you, the brand, with the consumer. While this may sound simple, it is increasingly difficult in today’s environment.  This connection is built by using a strong insight, creative messages, 360 implementations, but also by using empathy tools, designing user experience and using neuro-marketing. We think strategically and we execute creatively.

Minio Studio.

Minio is a strategic creativity studio, launched in February 2016. But we grew fast – after only 3 years, we are ranked 28 in Top Forbes of Ad Agencies. We have a team of 26 talented people. A couple of prizes at local festivals. In-house capabilities for biometric data. And a mission: in a world of adblockers and increasingly ad-hate phenomena, we want to connect brands and consumers in a relevant, creative and efficient manner.

Why us.

There are plenty of agencies in Romania alone – both local and global. As a client, you have so many choices. So why even consider Minio in your shortlist, beyond portfolio, team, revenue and services?

Passionate entrepreneurs

Our CEO launched her first business at 21 and she has been an entrepreneur ever since. So this start-up energy is embedded in everything that we do. And we want to share it with you.

Loyal to our clients

We value loyalty and we deeply care for our clients. We see ourselves as an extended part of their team and we are dedicated to helping them. Clients can truly rely on us.

Making ideas happen

We love ideas on a board, but we love them, even more, when we see them happening. We are looking for impact, changing the world one campaign at a time.

Bold is better

We challenge the brief – taking fresh perspectives so we can come up with strong, bold approaches. It may not be for everyone, but it is our job to bring bold proposals to our clients.

Keeping you updated

It’s not easy, but we keep up – with trends, with technology, we keep on learning, experiment and then offer our clients smart solutions, minimizing their risks.

In-love with client service

Time is our most precious commodity. So we are dedicated to providing a great client service, being proactive, organized and saving clients’ time. And with a smile.

Our wonderful clients.