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Advertising Services


These are the types of adverting services we typically provide.

Our strongest ability is strategic creativity. So you can rely on us for strategic thinking, discovering insight, developing concepts and executing them on various channels. We are channel-agnostic – we are not specialized in working on a specific channel, but we are dedicated to taking our message where it will have the most impact.

Creative 00%
Strategy 00%
Digital 00%
Shopper 00%
Experiential 00%
Purpose-Led 00%
Integrated 00%


Creativity is one of the buzz-words of our century, as we speak more and more about robots and artificial data. We feel that creativity makes us human and, in business, it helps us stand out and grab positive attention. For an agency, creativity is the very blood that runs through our veins. Therefore, we are training our creativity with tools, workshops, brainstorming and experiences.


  • Concepts
  • Visuals (conceptual, promotional)
  • Digital design (web platforms, app design, social media, online formats)
  • Copywriting & Content creation
  • 3D design & structures
  • Video content (concept, script, filming, editing, montage and final cut – online or TVC)
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging

Inquire us if:

  • You need a strong design team
  • You want to create a fresh advertising campaign
  • You appreciate an integrated creative approach


Everything changes around us, faster and more epic than ever. In this context, we want to close the gap between the real consumer and the one we see from our offices. Our mission is to keep the pace with the world of consumer, to collect strong insights, and to grasp trends and even micro trends. With our strategic know-how, we develop vibrant communication campaigns and project for your brand.


  • multiple research tools, through our partners
  • in-house design thinking methodology to create empathy maps, user personas, user journeys, as well as testing prototypes.
  • our unique biometric analysis, including eye-tracking, facial decoding and galvanic skin response, as well as predictive tools.

Inquire us if:

  • You want to create and (re)position a new brand/product/service/experience
  • You need to understand your consumers/users better
  • You feel that you lost touch with your users
  • You want to expand in a new market segment
  • You want to create a new marketing campaign using strong strategic rationale


At this point, we don’t split the world between the online and offline anymore. The digital medium is part of our day-to-day life. However, as it mostly goes through the consumers’ device, they tend to reject advertising more, compared to other environments. Somehow, their screen belongs to them and they are more critical when judging and interactive with brands online.


  • Design & development of web pages and various applications
  • Social media content development and management
  • Influencers campaign
  • Pay-per-click campaigns (design, implementation and optimization)
  • Digital games (design and development)
  • Native content and editorial projects
  • Video content
  • UX design and testing

Inquire us if:

  • You want a coherent, creative and optimized digital presence
  • You want to develop digital campaigns or integrate this medium into your communication mix
  • You need some guidance for the best digital solutions
  • You want to create an impactful digital campaign


Retail is a fascinating environment – with plenty of challenges, multiple formats and plenty of innovations that force us to rethink the classic shopping trip. From the brick-and-mortar to online and hybrid formats, the shopper marketing field is one with rapid growth and plenty of creative opportunities.


  • In-store shopper studies – analyze attention and engagement towards materials and products
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Point-of-sales materials design and production
  • Category branding – design and production
  • Specific retail campaigns – events, activations, promotions.

Inquire us if:

  • Your product needs a better in-store presence
  • You want to evaluate your category and your products from the eyes of the shopper
  • You plan to create a promotional campaign
  • You need to add creativity to you shopper activations
  • You need to better connect your brick-and-mortar and digital activities.


What today is extraordinary, tomorrow is ordinary. When it comes to interactions between brands and consumers, technology is redefining the norm. With our passion for technology, we are excited to create brand experiences that people will love. We are not an events agency – our capabilities are built around using creative technology as part of events and activations.


  • Technology-based activations – like AR, VR, holograms, Kinect, multiple types of sensors

Inquire us if:

  • You want a spectacular activation, that engages users
  • You need to use technology in your event, in a creative manner


We see a rise in social activism, brands are expected to take a stand and be more involved in the communities. We help brands to go beyond communicating the benefits of their products, and extend into a wider purpose for society and also for their own employees and their families. This effort, of caring, standing up, speaking up requires deep understanding, authenticity and commitment. And we are here to help up.


  • Purpose-led communication platforms
  • Corporate social responsability campaigns and projects
  • Sponsorship opportunities – selecting and optimizing
  • Design employer branding platforms
  • Employer branding campaigns – for external and inside the company

Inquire us if:

  • You want to embed your brand into the social culture
  • You need to communicate outside the traditional branding and promo campaigns
  • You are looking for a cause or a purpose that is a best fit for your brand
  • You need help to find and manage sponsorship or CSR projects
  • You want to create or grow a communication platform for your (future) employees


It used to be easier – create a product, brand it, decide a target audience, promote its benefits on a regular base, add some promo offers from time to time. Nowadays, advertising and marketing are way more sophisticated, as we no longer feed information and messages to our audience on a couple of selected channels. Your main brand channels are now people. So this is why we are channel-agnostic and no longer think in terms of ATL or BTL, but in an integrated manner.


  • Communication campaigns
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Employer branding campaigns
  • Purpose led campaigns

Inquire us if:

  • You have problems that can be solved though communication projects
  • You need an agency that is focused on understanding the new dynamics between people and brands.
  • You feel the need of a fresh and more bold approach
  • You are tired of your old way of communicating