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Ana Velea.

Head of Operations

Ana is one of the key people in our management team. She is our HR, our “Happiness Manager” and the person whose work basically makes our work more efficient and qualitative every day.

Hi, I’m Ana, nice to meet you! I like to promote a culture that encourages creativity and performance. My motto is: Our thinking creates our world!

Ana’s professional background is a perfect fit for our agency. With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has the expertise to handle multiple areas of our business, such as operations, financial and most important, people.
She used to work in sales, so the client-service perspective developed her ability to have better strategic thinking in terms of business decisions, as well as the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures.
In addition, as an HR persona, Ana is responsible for all of the functions that deal with the needs and activities of the organization’s people including areas such as recruiting, hiring, training and culture development.
Ana is a believer in operational excellence in a creative environment.

People management 00%

Ability to organize 00%

Financial 00%

Operations 00%

Go-getter 00%