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Andreea Flori.

Account Manager

For Andreea, Minio is the first job and almost the first contact with advertising world. Why ”almost”? During College, she occupied similar positions in the association she was part of and that gave her a proper start for the challenges she was about to find here.

Hi, I’m Andreea, an Account Executive who is willing to learn as much as possible about advertising and take on challenging projects. Project organization is what I do best. Stop waiting and send me a brief!

With a college degree in Communication and Public Relations, Andreea stepped with a lot of interest in the advertising world in order to put into practice everything she learned in the volunteer projects she carried out. One of her defining strenghts is finding and organizing resources. What she likes the most at about Minio are people, from whom she likes to hear stories and who stimulate her. Besides Project Management, Andreea also likes Reputation Management, a field about which she says she would like to get to know better. In her spare time, Andreea relaxes reading, watching movies or riding the bike.
Some clients she is working for: ANCOM, HOYA, L’Oréal, BAT, SOCAR, WebDigital.

Determination 00%

Organization 00%

Problem solver 00%

Efficiency 00%