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Cristiana Pană.

Head of Strategy

Head of strategy

Cristiana loves delivering creative solutions appreciated by both the brands and their consumers. And with over 7 years of experience in advertising, you can bet on perfection. She combines all the best qualities in advertising – creativity, a sharp strategic mind and excellent client service skills.

She’s our Head of Strategy thanks to her ever-so-present desire to learn new things, her love for complex technology and her ability to easily grasp insights and trends.

Hello and nice to meet you! I’m Cristiana and my passion is creating powerful strategies with true impact on your business. I believe in the power of innovation and I’m here to help you out throughout your journey.

Cristiana is one those truly talented people who have all the right qualities: she’s curious, adaptable and determined to deliver the best creative solutions. She worked for about 5 years on client’s behalf, at AutoItalia Group, before switching sides and developing complex strategies here at Minio.
Thanks to her time on the client side, she realized that both sides (client and agency) need urgent reconciliation in order to drive better business results. She graduated from the International Economic Relations Faculty at ASE, while also holding a Cambridge Advanced Certificate of English and an IELTS degree.
When she’s not developing awesome strategies, she can be found petting all the cats, travelling, reading or baking. Not necessarily in this order.
Some of the clients she’s worked for:
Milupa, Carrefour, Rowenta, Caroli, Colgate Palmolive, Kotanyi, Bonduelle, Vincon Vrancea, Hasbro, Hochland, Reckitt Benckiser (Durex, Scholl, Veet, Strepsils, Dettol etc.), Novartis, Pepsico, Tefal, Nivea, Renault – Nissan, JYSK.

Strategic understanding 00%

Client service 00%

Shopper Marketing 00%

Elegance 00%