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Elena Zanfirachi.

Financial Traffic

She’s like a ray of sunshine. Elena has the power to make you laugh no matter what. When it comes to work, she is very organized and always does things like a pro. She is the master of contracts and other legal documents.

Hello, I’m Elena! I take care of all the papers, documents and legal matters between our companies, making sure that everything is just perfect. You and me will make a perfect team.

It’s no wonder Elena does her job so well. She had almost 10 years of experience as an office and assistant manager before reaching Minio.
She graduated from the accountancy course at Absolute School of Accounting, where she mastered her skills and abilities.
Elena felt in love with the advertising industry when she realized that she would never get bored. She loves the freedom and she loves seeing how the people in the agency transform it into creativity.
While she is a perfect organizer, Elena shows us many other qualities like efficiency, tenacity and good communication skills.
She is a cool mom and truly loves to travel by train with her daughter. Reading and parenting are her other main occupations.

Client Service 00%

Organizer skills 00%

Legal knowledge 00%

Happiness 00%