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Marius Marin.

Head of Reputation

Marius loves advertising about as much as he loves coffee. And you have to believe us – that’s a lot! He’s a breath of fresh air in the agency, with all his energy and desire to improve himself every day.

He’s our PR and reputation specialist, making things easy for us when it comes to putting our projects or ourselves into the spotlight.

Hello, my name is Marius and advertising is what I do best. My job is to spread the news and my superpower is making your campaign visible at any time. What are you waiting for? Just brief me and see for yourself!

Marius loves to travel and take gorgeous pictures while in vacations, but what is even more interesting is his professional journey. He studied Journalism and has a Master’s degree in Social Media & Online Marketing.
Some of the highlights in Marius’ career are the two essays he published: Media Culture in the Multicultural World and The young journalist at the start of his career and his eagerness to perform.
He also founded the first press office for a private university in Romania, in 2013 at the Hyperion University, where he brought his contribution up until the beginning of 2019.
Some clients he has worked for: JYSK, Mondelēz, Durex, Tefal, Miniso, BAT, L’Oréal, Rowenta, Huawei, Heineken, McDonald’s, Birra Moretti.

PR Skills 00%

Client service 00%

Creativity 00%

Vitality 00%