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Max Amza.

Senior DTP

His 16 years’ experience enables him to perfectly understand the brief and do the best possible job. We call him Max and he is our Digital Vader, who has two great passions: advertising and Star Wars.

Hello, I am Max and I can conquer your briefs just as Star Wars conquered the universe of science fiction movies! So you can be sure you’ll get the best results..

Max’s computer is where great visuals come from. Although he dreamt of becoming a sports teacher in college, he is specialized in financial management. One day he signed up for a digital course out of curiosity and this led him to his first job right at the company managed by his teacher.
His life is bounded to advertising for more than 10 years. Before joining Minio Studio, he worked for Draft FCB and Mercury 360 agencies.
We chose Max because he’s shown us that a biker style combined with perfectionism can be transposed into stunning visuals. So far, he has realized marvelous projects and aimed to perfection.
Some clients he’s worked for:
Bonduelle, Caroli, Derpan, Henkel, Novartis, Mondelez, Sandoz, Tymbark.

DTP skills 00%

Creativity 00%

Advertising production knowledge 00%

Positivity 00%