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Roberta Mihai.

Graphic Designer

Roberta joined the creative team at Minio with 12 years of experience as a freelancer in Graphic & Web Design and a strong portfolio of international clients from various fields.

Hi, I'm Beti and, after many years of freelancing, I'm discovering the pleasure of working in a team, so I hope we'll be crossing paths on as many campaigns as possible.

With a visible inclination towards art and the humanities, she tested several professional areas until she settled in marketing. Roberta graduated from the Faculty of Theatre at UNATC, studied for a short time at the University of Architecture and Urbanism, then worked as a director’s assistant and as a project manager for social projects. She enjoys discovering new things every day and creating those excellent KVs that make you stop scrolling.
Clients: Mondelez, Napolact, Cirio, Enterprise, BAT, Salatini, Ancom, CeraVe.

Creativity 00%

Visual communication 00%

Detail oriented 00%

Resilience 00%