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Teodora Mihale.

Account executive

Account manager

Teodora joined Minio team in 2019 and she is currently managing BTL and digital projects as well, mixing efficiency with an experience personalized on needs and values, both for clients and consumers.

Hi! I’m Teodora and I am always in search of new solutions to the inevitable problems we are all facing in the advertising industry. I am here to solve, clarify and make sure everything goes in the right direction.

Teodora graduated in Advertising from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies and since then she has been involved in projects in the communication industry: events, artistic PR and finally advertising. On usual working days, what helps her deliver the desired results is a flawless management and an artistic “eye” formed on the needs of each client with whom she had the opportunity to collaborate. At the beginning, she specialized in BTL projects, dedicating most of her time to unconventional brand activations, and later she took over projects in the area of digital marketing. In her free time, she likes to go out of her way and seek consumer insights through her favorite activities: traveling, reading, and interacting with people with diverse cultural backgrounds.
Some clients she worked for: Sun Plaza, Alexandrion, Maspex, Groupe SEB, BAT, Eurolines, Mandy Foods, Socar.

Empathy 00%

Action Planning 00%

Open-Mindedness 00%

Project management 00%