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Vlad Boerașu.

Creative Strategist

Critical thinking, proactive attitude and conceptualization skills – just some of the tools Vlad uses to solve even the toughest strategic challenges.  

Hi! My name is Vlad and I'm a Creative Strategist at Minio. Why would you want to work with me? Simple, I don't stop until I find the best strategic angles for your business.

Throughout the journey he embarked on more than 4 years ago in advertising, one thing has remained unchanged in Vlad: the desire to understand how and why. As a communicator, he has always been motivated by curiosity and a thirst for stories, the engines that have helped him discover what moves the hearts of consumers. And he does it tirelessly for each and every Minio customer.
In his spare time he’s preoccupied with tending to houseplants, orange cats who can’t wait to belly flop, books with chiffonier, lions and grumpy old men, as well as chatting in spaces where the music is almost too loud for conversation (only almost!).
Some clients he has worked for: Zarea, Mirinda, Coca-Cola, Europa FM, Mondelēz, CeraVe, SemințeLE Alka, BAT, Enterprise, SAMAS, Kaufland, Lagardère Group, Coca-Cola HBC, Ciuc Radler, Hope and Homes, Trutzi Fier Forjat & Avanera, Carmol, Plavix, Meda. Does he have a favourite? Absolutely not, because each project was THE PROJECT for him. And if you want your project to be treated with the same passion and desire to succeed, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Strategic Thinking 00%

Conceptualization 00%

Curiosity 00%

Giggly 00%