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TOP Snack – Episode 3

This is Snackology! What is Snackology, you say? You’ll find out more about it in episode 3 of Creative Chaos: How it’s made.

Creative Chaos is a 4-episode short documentary that set out to bring together the industry people who take part in the production of a communications campaign: from the client to the ad agency, media agencies, director, actors, and freelancers. In short, a video recap of how we pulled off one of the Minio campaigns we’re most proud of: TOP Snack, in collaboration with Mondelēz (TUC, Oreo) and Macromex (Philadelphia).

We reached the decisive moment of the campaign: the production of the photo and video materials. To successfully implement a campaign, the spots and packshots have to come out perfectly, but here we were running out of time and with an ambitious plan that included 3 spots, 16 recipes, and dozens of digital formats. Wondering how we did it? Simple, with a dedicated team that didn’t stop until the results aligned with the creative vision.

Can it be done in a single day of shooting? Tudor, our director, has heard that question a thousand times and about as many times he’s answered ‘yes’. That’s exactly what happened for the TOP Snack campaign: we had to shoot 3 stories in one day, in one apartment, with Chef Dexter in the lead role, who is not a professional actor. A thousand takes and 18 hours later, we got all the footage we needed.

Watch episode 3 of Creative Chaos: How it’s made on and see how we turned a script into reality in record time!

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