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Art Inspiration

Dodo is our wee lil’ ray of fluffy sunshine. She’s cute, she’s full of energy and she inspires us just by being around. Something along the lines of therapy.

That’s why she’s one of the most important creative drivers in the agency.

Whoof, whoof! I’m Dodo and my job at Minio is to keep the team happy. I admit I don’t know much about advertising, but I can recommend you a brilliant agency. Let’s meet in the park! Just make sure to bring some treats.

Dodo has been in the advertising field since forever. We could agree that she has more than 10 years-experience. Her parents are Paul and Ioana and since they have her, Dodo has been doing her best to learn how the creative industry works.
She’s creative and always finds new ways to make us feel good. Actually, Paul is in his best creative frame of mind when he holds his fluffy friend on his knees.
Dodo loves watching movies and listening to music and her favorite song is “Who let the dogs out”, by Baha Men.
Some clients she is working for:
All of them.

Brief sniff ability 00%

Bravery 00%

Joviality 00%

Barking skills 00%