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Minio Studio makes the best out of the opportunities brought about by the pandemic


The agency mainly conducts complex campaigns, which integrate multiple communication channels or even brand repositioning. For MINIO STUDIO, the year 2020-2021 was very fruitful, with many of the campaigns developed bringing no less than 17 industry awards. In the pandemic year 2020, the agency developed a strategy that would allow it to create better creatively articulated projects, making MINIO STUDIO the numer one award-winning local independent agency of 2020. Durex – The Right Condom, TuCe Pui on TUC, SAMAS – Each cub with its own milk and #SkinChat by CeraVe are just some of the agency’s favorite projects. These are projects through which perspectives have shifted and the way certain categories of products are viewed have been changed.

Amid the pandemic, budget pressures and financial insecurity have created a number of additional challenges in the advertising market.

Budgetary pressures and financial insecurity have created a number of challenges, from greater flexibility in financial negotiations, project implementations or cancellations, to faster migration of accounts between agencies. However, the dynamic context has translated into a number of opportunities in the market, of course, for those who knew how to take advantage of them.

“2020 and 2021 have come with opportunities to collaborate with brands that are otherwise inaccessible. Some players had to refresh their portfolios due to blocked budgets and account changes that allowed some agencies, such as MINIO STUDIO, to enter the scene and stand out for their agility and fresh approaches. In short, the complexity of the projects brought a multitude of challenges, but also results “, said Cristiana Pană, Head of Strategy & Growth MINIO STUDIO.

Rapid digitization and unprecedented expansion of social platforms

Human interaction with the digital environment has greatly changed the reality of each of us. Since the rapid digitization of the pandemic, as well as the expansion of platforms such as TikTok, the way we interact globally and locally and the prouction of digital content have changed in an unprecedented way.

Social media, with a focus on new channels (Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn), should not be missing from the list of communication channels wishlist in 2022, but neither should the channel with one of the biggest increases in recent years: influencers.

“Influencers have become a dedicated channel of communication that we can no longer ignore, but rather integrate in a uniform way in the annual strategy, so as to synergistically unite all the actions of the rest of the channels and amplify them in a relevant, authentic and close to the consumer universe “, is the opinion of Cristiana Pană.

Social media with a focus on new channels – Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn – should not be missing from the list of communication channels wishlist in 2022

In advertising, innovation is a daily duty, a fact that can be easily noticed in a simple Facebook scroll, where we can observe how AR and VR technologies are integrated. Also, another future trailer is Facebook’s initiative to relaunch itself in the integrated Meta platform, where an interaction that simulates reality in the digital environment is promised. Such technologies (AR and VR) have also allowed us some new ways to access information (VR learning applications for schools), new ways to shorten shelf time, in the store, or to limit contact between humans during the pandemic.

The latest technologies used in MINIO STUDIO projects

MINIO STUDIO is a strategic communication agency that focuses on solving business problems in relation to consumers (visibility, distribution, positioning, etc.).

As the recent trend has led us more into the digital universe, MINIO STUDIO has focused its efforts on developing and innovating in this segment. Recently, the agency has tried to integrate various types of technologies for analyzing remote consumer behavior, technologies that work predictively based on the integration of a set of data that analyzes the possible reactions that consumers may have to advertisements.

Another typology of tested technologies are those that integrate several social platforms, in order to track and measure customers’ social accounts in real time, but also to optimize the management of online communities.

MINIO STUDIO is a strategic communication agency that focuses on solving the problems of brands in relation to their consumers.

This translates into the fact that MINIO STUDIO mainly runs complex campaigns, which integrate multiple communication channels or even brand repositioning for the product or services that are more difficult to market.

“We specialize in solving the business problems of brands, not just communication, and this was reflected in a more unconventional series of new brands that we have recently attracted to the agency’s portfolio. These include, for example, the alternative tuna plant brand – PlanTuna Unfished, the Mondelēz campaigns, the SOCAR gas station chain, the SAMAS Association, but also many others ”, says Cristiana Pană.

Designing your own organizational culture

From the agency’s point of view, the best investment an entrepreneur can make in their own business is to design an organizational culture that represents them. A unitary conduct, in the spirit of the values that define this culture, creates a working atmosphere beneficial to any business, in which people feel motivated and safe. Among the most important values promoted within the MINIO STUDIO team are transparency in communication and critical thinking. The team is involved in the business decision-making process and has an important role in setting objectives.

Among the most important values promoted within the MINIO STUDIO team are transparency in communication and critical thinking.

Every member of the MINIO team knows at all times what the main financial indicators are for the “health” of the company, so they get a direct view of the impact of their daily work.

“I can confidently say that what MINIO people have in common is the very vision of the business that they promote through the way they carry out their daily activities. What really sets them apart as a team among their industry colleagues is the personal imprint they can put on their projects and the opportunity to develop on several levels, including through the programs provided by MINIO ACADEMY “, explains Ana Velea, Head of Operations MINIO STUDIO.


Over the last two years, the MINIO Academy program has maintained its frequency and continuity, so that even in these difficult years the team has continued to learn by all possible means, adapting to the context.

The learning programs have been developed in accordance with the needs of adapting communication strategies to the pandemic context, taking into account at the same time the accelerated pace of development in the online environment. 

“Most of the courses we have purchased for our colleagues are in the area of Behavioral Advertising and Digital Marketing. The key to advertising is to get your message across to the right audience at the right time. This can become difficult if we do not stay connected to trends, to the dynamics of the audience. It is important to find the most efficient channels through which our brands reach the target “, says Ana Velea.

Awards and distinctions obtained by MINIO STUDIO

The last two years have been prolific for MINIO STUDIO, despite the obvious shortcomings. However, the agency continued with even greater determination to carry out fine projects, with a main strategic and creative strand, which deserves to be awarded in profile competitions.

By far, the year 2020 was preferred, because MINIO STUDIO climbed the “podium” 14 times and enjoyed the recognition of the industry for the developed projects. 2020 is also the year that brought the first 2 Effie Awards, 5 Romanian PR Awards, 3 Webstock Awards, 3 Festival of Media Awards – along with Zenith Media – and 1 award at the Market Awards Gala.

“With the energy and enthusiasm gained, we entered 2021 with confidence and optimism, so we are just writing the first press release while announcing 3 more awards at the Romanian PR Award 2021”, continued Ana Velea.

In 2020, MINIO STUDIO climbed the podium 14 times and enjoyed industry recognition for developed projects

 This year, MINIO STUDIO thought of reproducing the award atmosphere inside the team, so it developed its own internal festival, Puma Awards. During the festival, colleagues have the opportunity to present their homes entered in the competition, related to the projects they have completed, just like in an industry festival. It is an extremely useful exercise, which contributes to thinking in terms of performance indicators, which develops storytelling skills and works great as a learning program, spiced with “Oscar” moments, a lot of recognition and appreciation.

The future of the advertising industry is digital, as it is the only growing segment. At the other end of the scale is the print market, where budgets have almost halved in the last 2 years, as well as TV, radio and outdoor, due to the limitations caused by the pandemic.

Next, the role of advertising is to create relevant messages and moving stories in any context. Clearly, all that we know is that it will be redesigned in the future, as more and more effective behavioral measurement tools are developed, especially in the online environment.

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Source: Jurnalul de Afaceri