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Cheers! For Winning!

Cheers! For Winning!

Closed hospitality industry and social distancing determined less socialization opportunities and alcohol consumption for people, especially when it comes to spirits used for cocktails. Therefore, the sales in the market dropped considerably. So, given the unfavorable context for meeting up with friends, how was it possible to get people to continue buying the cocktail drinks available in the PPD portfolio?




In the context of the limitations generated by the pandemic, with the completely enclosed spaces inside, terraces conditioned by a shorter program and rules of social distancing, people had fewer moments to enjoy a cocktail with friends. The lack of socializing moments prompted people to find new ways to spend their free time around the house.

How can we show consumers that it's easy to make your favorite cocktail at home and therefore encourage consumption for the brands in the PPD portfolio, considering the sizeable market decrease?

If people can’t go to the bar, we found a creative way to bring the bar to people. We proposed a concept with a creative route which is directly connected with the target audience’s particularities - accomplished, ambitious people, in search of recognition for their successes. Thus, we started from the idea that, as in everyday life, the consumer can be a SELF MADE MAN and when it comes to preparing social opportunities, he can take the initiative and thus be a SELF MADE BARTENDER.


Campaign LP with cocktail recipes

The campaign also had a dedicated landing page, where consumers could find information about the promotional mechanics and a variety of cocktails recipes with the brands included in the PPD portfolio.

In-store tailored promo

We developed a variety of in-store materials, alongside promo mechanisms and dedicated prizes for 5 partnering retailers. Also, due to the pandemic context that came with limitations in the in-store environment, we had to rethink the placements both to communicate the campaign briefly and completely and to make the space more efficient.

5 video footages for 5 brands

For the campaign’s amplification and in order to communicate in an engaging way for the consumers, we collaborated with Sorin Pârcălab from Ceva Mărunt to act in several funny videos through which we proved that you can be a bartender in your own home. Each video focused on showcasing a brand and a cocktail recipe.

Digital amplification

The campaign had a large digital component, which involved the development of dozens of materials in various formats, both static and video. We also collaborated with 9 different influencers, including the entire Ceva Mărunt team.