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Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

Jacobs wanted to offer a creative communication campaign to coffee lovers during summer months. Among the central elements of the campaign was an interactive video that allowed viewers to choose the route of the story.


Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Summer months are scarce in coffee consumption and Jacobs plans to reopen the discussion with its younger audience in a relevant manner.

During summer, there are so many activities - festivals, events, holidays. So what could we get their attention to convey our message?

Mix Your Summer Campaign had a core digital activation - an interactive video where users could decide the storytelling route. This was complemented by an in-store component, as well as a nation-wide caravan and a collaboration with young content creators.


Alex finds out that he had won festival tickets. The events unfolds in a totally unexpected manner. During the key moments of the story, users must choose between different narrative options.

In-Store Activation

We created multiple POSM materials, as well as a dedicated promo mechanics. Our favorite part was the special execution format, with music and DJ lights and board.

Influencer activation

Young content creators introduced Jacobs products to their communities, with an impressive reach of over 24k views and 15k reactions on Instagram alone.

The green Jacobs van traveled across the country in a sampling-driven campaign. Coffee lovers could taste the new products, while also mixing at the DJ Board and taking selfies.