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Durex V-Day 2020

Durex V-Day 2020

Appearances dictate people lives nowadays, but this is not the way Durex sees things. With a brand-new approach, Durex wanted to tell people that the condition of reality is the key to a happy life. No artificial texts, no perfect stock-photo-people, no make-up and no Photoshop. Just love and sex as they are in real life. Starting from these references, we launched Valentine Day campaign trying to make people to be touched only by real feelings and to be happy with their own real stories.




People are constrained by the standards set by social media, porn or glossy magazines. This greatly affects one’s self esteem and self image - how can you even feel good about yourself when the only point of reference is something unrealistic and fake?

People have a love-hate relationship with V-Day. We all celebrate it as “it should be celebrated” but deep down, we find it silly and fake. In the context of this rebranding, the new Durex V-Day campaign should stray from stereotypes and encourage people to celebrate their love in their own unique ways.

We empowered people and encouraged them to write their own stories. We showed them that they shouldn’t believe everything they see in porn or on social media, but just enjoy love and sex naturally, as it comes. So, we created where people showed their true, unfiltered love.


We don’t believe in tales, but only in modern real stories. Thus, we created and asked people to upload photos depicting them as a couple. We also asked them to write down the story of the pictures or even more, the story of their love.

Game changer in social media

We posted on Durex social media channels promoting authenticity and real feelings. A video was the main asset that spread our message and it produced a good engagement from users. We had over 1mil reached users with people truly appreciated the realism of the campaign.

Real stories, real fit

The landing page had a great success. People loved to share their true love. 174 stories were uploaded and seven couples were rewarded.

Cool prizes

All the story tellers participated at the lucky draw: six of them won kick scooters and the big winner is now the owner of a brand-new moto scooter.