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Campaigns in April that we loved so much they’ve made it into our conversations with friends

Design Therapy – The Home. Digital videos

The Home, which is an interior accessory and furniture brand, had a series of digital executions that showcased its flagship products in an ultra-modern way.


While a few years ago sensory communication was limited to ASMR, The Home has managed to introduce a new dimension, the tactile one. In monochrome settings, where only the product is in contrast, they have focused on the sensation the consumer gets when interacting with the products. The dramatization has a build-up component, when the character touches the texture of the product, and a moment of maximum satisfaction, through abstract footage.

Lay’s Metaverse. Digital experience

If last year Lay’s launched a collection of NFTs, this year it is the first brand to make a metaverse experience in the setting of the main consumer occasion: movie nights. Users’ avatars had the opportunity to interact in a movie theatre and watch different videos “projected” on the “screen”. And, of course, a vending machine selling Lay’s products was present in the room.


The brand mechanics involved each real bag of Lay’s representing 6 virtual coins for users to spend within the experience. If they bought 5 bags of Lay’s and converted them into virtual currency, they entered the giveaway for a sweatshirt from the Lay’s by mysimplicated collection.

Popeyes UK. Brand launch.

The Romanian fast-food market has expanded with a new player since April, which has managed to spark interest among the locals. Their communication mix involved a social media teasing campaign of about 1 month and social media communication and activation of the newly formed community in the mix with influencers.

Popeyes is one of the few brands in Romania that had to repeatedly announce that they simply ran out of products for sale. In addition, on their social media channels, they also posted live content where it was obvious that they had a constant queue for days.

Their influencer mix included personalities such as Selly, Dorian Popa, and chef Nicolai Tand, who created short video content to encourage their audiences to try the new product.

Within 2 months of starting the communication, on March 15, they managed to grow a community on Instagram of 4.1k fans and 10k on Facebook.