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Mintel has recently released their consumer trends report for 2022

Having a Pan European approach and analysing consumer drivers such as wellbeing, experiences, rights, technology, identity, value and surroundings, Mintel try to predict behavioural changes of upcoming years.
Every trend they propose has 3 angles: 12 months- the short term, 18-24 months the medium term, and 5+ years, the long term.
Let’s have a look at what 2022 has in store for us.


This trend is a direct result of the last years of restrictions and the need they brought of finding new ways to keep yourself entertained.


For this year, Mintel predicts a consumer motivated by Finding Joy, one that needs entertaining and comforting experiences within the home.
Next year, the consumer will transition towards Maintaining Joy, which translates into a greater attention to brands that offer them a feeling of enjoyment, rather than selling them things.
In the long term, it will be all about Mindful Joy, meaning the consumers will seek internal sources of happiness, rather than the external provided by digital entertainment’s instant gratification.


With last years’ situation, both an increase of awareness thanks to international organizations and people such as Greta Thunberg and the visible effect on climate due to worldwide lockdowns, the environmental concerns will reach a boiling point and the consumers will be looking for help and guidance from brands to shrink their carbon footprint.

The next 12 months will be under a Consumer Collaboration logic where the consumers will look to companies to provide them with climate-friendly consumption options and guidance
The period between 18 to 24 months will be the period of Standard Terminology when every stakeholder will collaborate on the implementation of standards of easier comparison of the products for their consumers.
In the long term, 5 years from now, Mintel sees an Innovation Deadline to which brands can still get relevantly involved in establishing climate-friendly standards and make a difference.



Due to the restless, ever changing, informational and social climate, Mintel underlines the importance consumers give to being as much in control as possible.


This year is all about Access to Information, information that can offer a sense of predictability and, therefore, control over one’s own life.
The 18-24 months milestone will mark the rise of Brand Ecosystems, closely curated spaces that make misinformation less possible.
In the long term, Mintel predicts a Preparing for Worst approach of consumers which will translate in their desire of knowing more about possible outcomes of everything. This will reflect in businesses long game developmental plans.


As Covid disrupted the way consumers interact with public and private spaces, the next years are going to be marked by the strive to adapt with increasingly flexible consumers’ lifestyles.


The next 12 months will be all about The Purpose of Space and its transactional value, bolstered by the Pandemic. It is the period where consumers crave for support and convenience from as many sources as possible.
The mid-term period of 18-24 months is the timeframe of The Identity of Space when consumers will be looking for digital and physical spaces that celebrate their multifaceted identities.
For the 5 years+ predictions, Mintel sees a good chance for Metaverse to get a strong foothold in the consumers’ lives, but considers it an Unknown Space.


After a long period of time when brands stood up and took a stance on ethical issues, from now on it is the time the consumers’ are starting to be interested in their hands-on involvement too.

This year is the Year of Developing a Framework by which brands can prove that ethics are not only a consideration but that they are also integrated into their business models.
During the 18-24 months mark, brands will go through the process of Measuring Success where they must keep track of their progress and transparently communicate them to their consumers.
In the long term, brands that want to keep up with the times need to find ways of Building Relationships and collaborate with any stakeholder, either governmental or NGO and proactively take initiative to tackle various concerns.


Key Takeaways

2022 is another year to be fully impacted by the on-going Pandemic, with consumers motivated by various uncertainties and needs for support and comfort and brands that can have more relevant and important roles in their users’ lives, if they choose to assume such roles.
Yet, with the on-going changes and various groups ranging from your Facebook friends group to the UK that do everything to live as before Covid, even the certain uncertainties are not so certain anymore.


About Mintel

Mintel is a British consulting business that conducts market research, market analysis, creates product intelligence and competitive intelligence that was established in 1972.


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